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1. Three 30 min private, personalized training sessions 
2. Goals consultation with Joseph
3. 1 week nutrition guidance


Program Add-On

Boxing Gloves


Program Add-On

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It’s More than Sit Ups

Weight Lifting


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50 Min Private Training


30 minute personal training


10 Session Plan-50 Minutes


20 Session Plan-50 Minutes

**Sessions expire 3 months from date of purchase


Starter Transformation Package

6 weeks of 50 minute personal training with 2 sessions per week.

**Sessions expire within 6 weeks of purchase



Intensive Transformation Package

6 weeks of 50 minute personal training with 3 sessions per week.

**Sessions expire within 6 weeks of purchase


Expedited Results Package

8 weeks of 30 minute personal training sessions 5 days a week. This program will accelerate your fitness goals. 

**Sessions expire within 8 weeks of purchase. 

$ 1000

Buddy Training

Train with a friend and save. Train with 2 and save even more. 10 personal training sessions, 50 minutes for 2 people.


10 personal training sessions, 50 minutes for 3 people. 

8 week expiration 



Joseph is a native from Santa Fe, NM educated as a fitness strength & conditioning specialist with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Exercise Science and Human Performance and an intense  passion for fitness! Joseph has over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry, working with a wide variety of clients of all ages and fitness levels such post stroke, rehabilitation, weight loss and core stability clients as well as track & field champions, rugby, tennis, hockey, volleyball, soccer, alpine skiing, basketball and multi-sport conditioning. In addition, certifications too many to list, Joseph is National Strength and Conditioning-Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA-CPT) and International Youth Athletic Conditioning Specialist (IYCA) certified.
Joseph's passion, contagious energy and ability to educate, motivate and inspire individuals in their fitness journey will make fitness a lifestyle and not a task.



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